Keep Riding Till You See The Turkey

Capac MI Bike Ride

I have been guilty of not keeping up with my cycling blog. Even worse, guilty of not going on many rides this spring and early summer yet. But the summer is still young and I’m sure I will more than make up for it.

Today I rode from Capac to Avoca and around other areas such as Emmett and Yale. Seen some wild turkey along the way and was able to get a picture before they could run off.

Today’s Ride On Strava

Sidewalk and Road Cycling

Should I ride my bike on the road or sidewalk?

Whenever possible, you should ride your bike on the streets and roads. I know it can be very scary to ride on the roads, especially for beginners. In some cases, it is actually against the law to ride your bike on the sidewalks. You will have to check with your state laws, city ordinances, and town municipals to see if cycling on sidewalks are permitted. Many times signs are posted on the side of the sidewalks if bike riding is not permitted on them. It might not sound right, but riding on the

FitBit Ionic Review

Chet Brzezinski FitBit Ionic Review

On January 11, 2018 I decided to purchase the new FitBit Ionic from Amazon. When I got it I took it out of the box and charged it. After charging it I started playing with it and immediately loved the interface, look, and great features that it has. I upgraded from the Surge which I wasn’t really happy with. It gave me the data that I wanted but I just didn’t

First Bike Ride of 2018

I got home from work early today, around noon. I looked at my outdoor thermostat which read nearly 60 degrees. All the dirt roads in the area seemed pretty dry as well as in good shape too. So I decided to get the mountain bike out and go for my very first ride of 2018. After I put air in both tires, got some water and food, I started pedaling down the driveway to begin my journey.

I wasn’t expecting to go too long of a distance since it was the first bike ride of the year for me. But to

Facebook Live Is Great For Bike Rides

If you love to share your bike rides with your friends and family on Facebook then Facebook Live is a great way to let them tag along with you on your rides.

Using your phone with cellphone handlebar mount you can either give your audience a live point of view for your ride or have it facing you so they can see you talking to them.

Either way, it could be a fun way to have an audience for your ride.

My very first Facebook Live bike ride:

My route on Strava for this ride:

JBL Clip 2 Review

review of the jbl clip 2 bluetooth speaker

Today I was at Best Buy getting some TV’s for a home theater customer when I glanced down and seen some bluetooth speakers on a shelf. One in particular, the JBL Clip 2, got my attention. I have been looking for a bluetooth speaker that I can take on my rides with me and this speaker looked like it would serve the purpose greatly. When I got home this afternoon I took it out of the box and immediately clipped it on my bike where I would be able to clearly hear the speaker.

One of features

Imlay City Road Ride

capac, michigan 48014

Today I took a ride on Imlay City Rd. I pedaled East bound towards Port Huron. After about 17 miles, I turned around where the dirt road turned into the paved part on the Port Huron end.

I can feel myself getting stronger as my average speed on my rides keep increasing. my legs aren’t as sore anymore the next couple of days after the rides.

This is great since the Great Cycling Challenge is coming in just a couple of weeks. My goal is to ride 500 miles during the month of June.


May Frost and Freeze Warning

Well, it looks like old man winter is being stubborn again this year. Making it no fun to ride in. Today we have a winter frost and freeze warning in almost the entire state of Michigan. The weather forecast looks promising starting this Wednesday when it starts to reach the 60’s again.

Here’s to looking forward to some decent riding weather…

Getting Stronger This Season

Cycling and Bike riding blog

After I got home from work today I wanted to go for a bike ride since the rest of the week is going to be terrible weather for riding. This weekend is not looking any better. In fact, the weather for the next week and beyond does not look very favorable for any cycling. As I was riding I noticed that I was cruising at a higher speed than usual and that my uphill riding was getting easier. I smashed by last 20 mile bike ride by 20 minutes in time.

I am pleased with my progress so far for the 2017

Stopping At Stop Signs

Cycling Safety

When you ride your bike you’re going to be interacting with vehicles. When you do you need to be sure you are obeying the traffic laws just like you were driving a motorized vehicle as well. Especially at intersections with stop signs. As you will see in the video below I had a close call at a 4 way stop sign. Fortunately, it was a slow paced area on a side street in a subdivision.

But the video serves as a great example as to why a cyclist should obey the traffic laws and stop at stop signs