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Keep Riding Till You See The Turkey

Capac MI Bike Ride

I have been guilty of not keeping up with my cycling blog. Even worse, guilty of not going on many rides this spring and early summer yet. But the summer is still young and I’m sure I will more than make up for it.

Today I rode from Capac to Avoca and around other areas such as Emmett and Yale. Seen some wild turkey along the way and was able to get a picture before they could run off.

Today’s Ride On Strava

First Bike Ride of 2018

I got home from work early today, around noon. I looked at my outdoor thermostat which read nearly 60 degrees. All the dirt roads in the area seemed pretty dry as well as in good shape too. So I decided to get the mountain bike out and go for my very first ride of 2018. After I put air in both tires, got some water and food, I started pedaling down the driveway to begin my journey.

I wasn’t expecting to go too long of a distance since it was the first bike ride of the year for me. But to

Imlay City Road Ride

capac, michigan 48014

Today I took a ride on Imlay City Rd. I pedaled East bound towards Port Huron. After about 17 miles, I turned around where the dirt road turned into the paved part on the Port Huron end.

I can feel myself getting stronger as my average speed on my rides keep increasing. my legs aren’t as sore anymore the next couple of days after the rides.

This is great since the Great Cycling Challenge is coming in just a couple of weeks. My goal is to ride 500 miles during the month of June.


Getting Stronger This Season

Cycling and Bike riding blog

After I got home from work today I wanted to go for a bike ride since the rest of the week is going to be terrible weather for riding. This weekend is not looking any better. In fact, the weather for the next week and beyond does not look very favorable for any cycling. As I was riding I noticed that I was cruising at a higher speed than usual and that my uphill riding was getting easier. I smashed by last 20 mile bike ride by 20 minutes in time.

I am pleased with my progress so far for the 2017

Riding Against The Wind

Chet.TV - Chet Brzezinski

When I got home from work today I realized how windy it was. I am sure the winds were gusting up to 20 mph or more at times. So I decided to go for another bike ride today and today I was going to use the wind to make me a stronger rider. I took a route that was mostly against this high strong wind.

As I struggled against this wind I was motivated by the fact that this ride will help me become stronger for future bike rides. The wind will not always be this strong. And if I am used to high gusting

Longest Ride This Year cycling blog

Today I decided to go for a short bike ride just to get out of the house. I had a goal of about 10 miles or so in mind. As I was riding east on Metcalf Rd it just seemed like it kept going on forever. I was determined to see what was at the end of it. Soon, I came up to a small patch of the road that was blocked off. So I detoured around it and managed to find my way back on Metcalf and past the blocked section.

Continuing on the long lasting road, I started to run out of water and was feeling