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On January 11, 2018 I decided to purchase the new FitBit Ionic from Amazon. When I got it I took it out of the box and charged it. After charging it I started playing with it and immediately loved the interface, look, and great features that it has. I upgraded from the Surge which I wasn’t really happy with. It gave me the data that I wanted but I just didn’t like the 1980’s Atari look it had. Plus some of the features were not so great like battery life and the tracker still active when you had to stop riding for something.

A few days back, the weather here in Michigan rewarded us with a nice 62 degree sunny day. I was able to get off of work early so I got the mountain bike out of the shed, aired up the tires, put on my FitBit Ionic and set it to the Bike Riding exercise and headed down the driveway. It wasn’t too long when I had to make my first stop because I forgot to zip up my seat saddle bag (I do that all the time!). That’s when I noticed a small vibration on my wrist. Wondering that it was I looked down at the FitBit and seen that it was on auto pause! I’m not one to read manuals so this came as a very pleasant surprise to me. When I started riding again I felt another vibration and seen that it automatically started back up when I got going again. I know this was a feature many cyclists requested for the new models.

At the end of my 22 mile ride (not bad for the first one of the season!) I ended the tracking on the Fit Bit when I noticed another great new feature: It asked for a confirmation to make sure you really meant to end the tracking session. I don’t know how many times I accidentally ended them on the Surge which screwed up so many of my rides.

Some Of The Features

– Auto Pause and Continue
I don’t know about you but I hated manually pausing the Surge when I was on a long stop. I don’t know how many times I would forget to hit start again and not realize it until I got miles down the road. FitBit corrected this issue with the new Ionic.

– End Tracking Session Confirmation
Another thing I couldn’t stand about the Surge is how it would end your tracking session if you pushed a wrong button. It would reset your ride stats when you had to start a new one. There are ways to fix it manually but it is a pain. Something that new Ionic corrected as well.

– Changeable Watch Design
Since I really didn’t care for the Surge’s 1980’s DOS Computer look the new Ionic stood out with its’ changeable watch interface. You can log into your account and change the design. There are many options to choose from. I liked the default design so I just kept it as it was out of the box.

There are many other features that I’m not going to get into since I don’t use them or they are just not as important to me as the above 3. Are there other new features that the new Ionic has that you love? Feel free to comment below.

The new FitBit Ionic is the best cycling GPS accessory that I have used to date. If you are an enthusiastic cyclist and bike rider like myself then the Ionic is something you might want to look at adding to your cycling arsenal.

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I am a bald guy that likes to ride my bike a lot. If you are in the Capac, MI area and almost run over a bald guy riding a bike it was probably me. Thank you for not running me over.
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Chet Brzezinski

I am a bald guy that likes to ride my bike a lot. If you are in the Capac, MI area and almost run over a bald guy riding a bike it was probably me. Thank you for not running me over.